Royal Friesland Campina


Digital strategy consultant - FrieslandCampina Facilitated several ideation sessions to design omnichannel experiments. Executed andconducted these experiments during multiple intense agile sprints of 3 weeks each. Promotedthe growth hacking way of working and contagiously ‘infected’ other brands and departments.Realised 10% of a yearly target in 2 days. Brand teams Of yearly target in [...]



Social selling consultant - Zivver Trained 12 sales professionals during a series of on site sessions on the usage of social media to improve their acquisition efforts and long-term customer relations. Provided detailed analysis of their LinkedIn profiles, helped them optimise their online presence and introduced a variety of tools to make the [...]



Digital growth consultant - Natuurmonumenten Facilitated growth hacking introduction workshops and ideation sessions to designomnichannel experiments. Executed and conducted these experiments during intense 3 weeksprints. Promoted the growth hacking way of working and included other departments in theprocess. Week pilot sprint Experiments Multidisciplinary team




Digital growth consultant - TVM verzekeringen (insurance) Facilitated growth hacking introduction workshops and ideation sessions to designomnichannel experiments. Developed and scaled 5+ MVPs with a cross-functional growthteam. Defined digital strategy and roadmap to support future growth. Trained the growth teamand embedded agile & lean-startup thinking within the organisation. Customer interviews Aligned departments New [...]


Social selling workshop - Holmatro Facilitated a social selling workshop for sales managers. We divided the group into 8 teams, with each their own niche market. Results ranged from 100+ relevant new leads in just one week to new distributors in hard to reach countries. Sales professionals trained New leads in the first [...]

Growth Expert – Seats2Meet


International growth expert - Seats2Meet Implemented churn prediction models (machine learning) to identify key indicators in thebooking process that might lead to a cancellation. Applied growth hacking techniques tooptimise these steps in the process and decreasing the cancellation rate. Co-ordinated 8 websites to be GDPR compliant. Churn prediction models Websites GDPR proof New [...]

Sportinnovator Centrum – Nutritional Status & Health


Growth consultant - Sportinnovator Centrum Nutritional Status & Health Coached a team over the course of 4 sessions to set up the company website from start to finish. Sessions included strategy sessions to determine where and how to best accomodate the customers, practical advise on how to set up the website, 1-on-1 training [...]

Growth Hacking – Auverture


Growth Hacking - Auverture Used a combination of skills in order to grow the online presence of Auverture, initially focussing on unique site visitors to ultimately increase the number of conversions. After 3 weeks unique visitors had already increased with +568%.This was accomplished using a variety of tools including Facebook, Google Adwords, Instagram, [...]

International account manager – DUIKEN magazine 


International account manager - DUIKEN magazine Handled 200+ international advertising accounts, selling communication concepts with a targeted revenue increase of 20% through both acquisition and long-term customer relations. Set up yearly sales budget and analyse and report sales figures on a regular base while developing new solutions to increase sales. Increase individual sales [...]

Marketing manager – KJ Business Software 


Marketing manager - KJ Business Software  Set up marketing department, focussing on social media and website management, e-mail marketing and cold acquisition. Researched new potential markets and prepared leads for sales meetings. Reported sales figures periodically, advised on how to optimise the sales process and how to streamline marketing and sales. Managed the [...]

International Sales & Marketing – Playgro


International Sales & Marketing - Playgro Supported the Business Solution Managers for the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and the Benelux. Analysed and reported monthly sales figures, and set up the yearly sales budget. Forcasted sales and stock levels monthly. Executed various marketing activities such as managing the social media and [...]

Export – Elka Pieterman


Export - Elka Pieterman Handled international sales accounts and taking care of everything from order management until logistics and credit administration. Achieved a +40% sales increase on top of the budget each month. Introduced the Incoterms2010 companywide and prepared the company strategic export plan to optimise and streamline processes. Customers worldwide Monthly sales [...]

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